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The Ark


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The Ark is a drop-in group for women in recovery from addiction. We offer a welcoming and safe environment in which women can meet, share, and support each other with any aspect of life.


The group meets for a cuppa and a chat in a relaxed, encouraging, and non-judgmental atmosphere. When we are not just chatting, we might engage in other fun activities, creative projects, or go on an outing.  


Feel free to come along and join us. We would love to meet you!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact


There are currently no upcoming events


Past Events:

Ark Ladies Croft Picnic: “We had a great outing with good weather, lovely foods and music. It was good to be out together!”

Scottish Recovery Walk

On Friday 24th of September, the Ark group set out on a walk in the Castle Grounds to commemorate their journey of recovery and the upcoming annual Scottish Recovery Walk which took place the following day in Perth. That day more than 2000 individuals walked the streets of the city to give people in recovery a voice and face in our society.

Unable to participate this year, the group decided to walk to Sober Island and throw roses into the water in remembrance to the lives lost to addiction amidst our own group, families, friends, and acquaintances.

The second part of our outing was dedicated to celebrating sobriety and the joy of being gathered around a table sharing food and each other’s company.  


"The Ark really helped me stop drinking. It was an event that gave my week structure and purpose; something to look forward to"

"The Ark turned out to be a safe place to socialize, meeting women with the same problems and challenges in a relaxed and holding atmosphere. You do not have to be on guard, because you don't get judged; instead, I found people I can confide in and have fun with."

"When I took the first step to come, it was so great to experience how friendly, welcoming and helpful everyone was. Attending The Ark gave me confidence, a sense of normality and a sober social life."


The Ark: Update

“Great news for the Ark group! We are back to meeting face to face in Martin’s Church Hall from 10am-12pm every Friday. This premises allows us to still be cautious complying to social distancing while giving us the opportunity to finally enjoying each other’s company in person.


With the weather improving, we also have met in the Castle grounds in front of the Woodland Café for a cuppa and a chat and are hoping to have more outdoor gatherings weather permitting. Being outdoors and together has been a welcomed treat. Once the temperatures are that bit warmer we are hoping to plan further outings. So come along and enjoy!”

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