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The Well is a drop-in tailored for those currently dealing with alcohol and drug issues. This is a safe place to come and enjoy a sober social life and to be supported by those around you.


We strongly believe that recovery is possible and that support is vital. Through the Well that is what we seek to provide.

At The Well drop-in, we meet up for an informal time of pool, board games and chatting. Come along to be met by a friendly bunch of volunteers and service users alike!

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Previous Events

Pool Tournament: Congrats to Hector MacDonald for winning the Shed's Pool Tournament



Currently unavailable due to Covid

Friday night LIFE takes place every Friday night from 6:30-7pm.

This is a short informal bible study that meet upstairs in The Shed. Friday night LIFE is open to anyone who may attend The Well or who struggles with alcohol and drug misuse and is searching for some encouragement or has questions about Life and the Christian faith.

Through meeting every Friday night, this has given our service users the opportunity to recognise the hand of God in their life and to acknowledge His goodness towards them. A very warm welcome awaits you!

How the Shed has helped me...

"The Shed has helped me by meeting with fellow recovering alcoholics and sharing their experiences"

"There is always someone to chat with as a distraction from problems. Also it is possible to request help and support if needed. It is the knowledge and reassurance that help is on hand if needed"

"It has improved my social life"

"Giving me confidence and meeting new people as well as helping me to stay sober."


Lawrence: My Story
Service User to Volunteer to Support Worker

After my 3rd suicide attempt back in 2015, I didn’t understand why I had no outlook and my life was so negative. I was fed up and I wanted to change, but I didn’t know how. That same year, I started to look for the Lord and found Him on YouTube, through a Johnny Cash sang called “Help me Lord.” Listening to the song, I had tears running down my face and I cried out to the Lord of help. Throughout the following months, I was still doing the same bad things, but I noticed that whenever the telly was on, that my eye kept being drawn to Stornoway on the weather map. I remember telling myself that I was going to stay there, even though I knew no one and didn’t know how to get there. A couple months after making this decision, I came into some money that would allow for me to live on it for 2-3 months and travel to Stornoway. So, I booked my ferry and B&B and left my previous life in Glasgow. It wasn’t easy and after the week booked at the B&B, I was homeless. Thankfully I was connected with “The Acres” and had a place to live until I was able to get my house in 2019. I came to the Shed when I first arrived in 2016 and was quite shy and nervous, but through the Shed manager at the time, Murdo and the staff, I slowly started to open up. After being in Stornoway for a month, I gave up in drugs and alcohol for good and never looked back! After going to the Shed for a year, Murdo asked if I wanted to be a volunteer and after a year of doing that, I was able to get a job as a support worker for the Well program run by the Shed. I understand people’s pain, why they take drugs, alcohol, and attempt suicide, and I know that that pain is not good.  I hope and pray that I can help others who were like me, and that they can go on to help others. If it wasn’t for everyone at The Shed from day one, I really don’t know where I would be, but I do know that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Shed.

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