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Frequently Asked Questions

General Q&A

What services does the Shed provide?

The Shed provides a variety of services tailored towards numerous age groups. We have Youth Clubs for any secondary aged pupils to come and enjoy themselves and our Friday afternoon Drop In for them to come, relax and make this place their own. We also have P7 club which runs on Saturday afternoons and is open to any pupils in any P7 school across the island. The Well runs twice a week for adults who might struggle with any drug or alcohol addictions and Friday Night Life provides the space for these guys to gather for an informal time of fellowship. The Ark is another service available specifically to women who struggle with or have had experience with drug or alcohol addictions and this runs weekly on Friday mornings. We also have Little Stars, a playgroup available for toddlers on Friday mornings for parents to come and relax as their toddlers can make use of the games laid out for them and Who Let The Coves Out provides the same space specifically for the dads once a month. We are also available to meet with any young people in the Nicolson should any of them require individual specific support. 

How can I volunteer?

Want to help us continue to run our services and volunteer? We'd love to have you! Simply visit the Contact section on this website and feel free to either email or call us.

If I want to financially assist The Shed, what are my options?

Because we are a charity we rely on funding and donations for our ongoing development. Should you wish to contribute towards this work we would be incredibly grateful. If you would like to donate please feel free to contact us through email and we can provide you with further details. Thank you so much in advance!

How do I get in contact with The Shed to talk about the different programs?

We are available through email and we also have our phone number you can call. Please feel free to leave a message if your call isn't answered and we will be sure to return your all as soon as possible.

Youth Programs Q&A

Who is able to attend the Youth programs?

Our Youth clubs and Drop ins are currently open to any young people in S1-S6 and our P7 club is open specifically to any P7s on the island. If you're looking for somewhere to chill with your mates or wanting to meet others in your year group come along! We'd love to see you!

How do I register my child into the Youth Program?

Every young person that attends our clubs must return a completed consent form filled out by their parents. We have a digital copy of our consent form available online (above) which you can download, print and fill out for your young person to take with them to club. Otherwise we have consent forms available at The Shed which we can provide for you

the well Q&A

How do I register to be a part of the Well?

You are welcome to attend any of the sessions where you will be able to meet the team that run this service and they will be able to take some of your details to allow you to attend as often as you'd like.

Is the Well just for men?

Not at all! The Well is open to any adults who have struggled with addictions or other challenges in life to attend.

little stars/who let the coves out Q&A

How do I register for Little Stars/The Cove?

Little Stars and the Cove are both drop-in programs. No pre-registration in required. We do ask, that once you arrive with your child(ren), that you speak with one of our volunteers and they will gladly sign you in, and provide you with a registration form

Is there a cost to join?

There is a small donation that we ask. It is £2 per child, or £1 per child, for those with multiple children

Who is watching my children while I am there?

We at the Shed are not responsible for the children that come to Little Stars or The Cove. The parent, grandparent or guardian who brought children with them are responsible for their child(ren)

What should my children wear?

Your children should wear whatever clothing will be allowed for them to get messy in. There are sandboxes and other activities/games for them to use

Should I bring my own beverage?

You are more than welcome to bring your own beverage! However we would love to provide you with the tea, coffee and water that we will have available as well. There is also toast and fruit are also offered to the children

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