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At the Shed, we have a great facility that is able to provide many different opportunities for youth groups, support groups and even business meetings!

With the building being disabled accessible and having the use of a lift, anyone from any stage is welcome and able to use the services!

Our facilities have been very popular with groups and businesses who need a space to provide a course, teaching or support groups.

For more information please get in touch via our social media platform, or by email or phone. Click a link below to be directed!

Tuck Shop

We have a Tuck shop that offers treats, drinks and a variety of other food items to be enjoyed while using the other services!

Be sure to bring small change, as prices range from £0.10-£2

There are thermos', kettles, a toaster and other handy appliances that will see to all your needs!

Conference Space

In the upstairs of the Shed, we offer a large meeting room, that is able to hold up to 80 people! 

We have stackable chairs, a large projector screen as well as projector and sound system that will allow for any videos, presentations or the like to be displayed, used and shown. 

This space is available to be rented out by any individual and company for your meetings, training, courses or even support groups!

The Tuck Shop is also an available option when renting out the facilities

Gaming Areas

We have different gaming areas throughout the Shed.

On the main floor, we have a whole area dedicated to gaming systems, such as PS4's and a Wii console. We also have a pool table, board games and card games.

On the upstairs level, we have an air hockey table, as well as table tennis and we are able to lower the projector screen to play other games, such as Mario Kart!

Media Centre

We have a great media space upstairs in the Shed!

With a start of the art sound system, a projector and screen, we are able to provide great entertainment, from playing movies, games and even just enjoying some great music!

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