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Primary Schools Work

At The Shed, we are committed to coming alongside Primary 7 students and supporting them through their transition into Secondary School. Our Shed Youth Team works alongside local teachers to provide in class sessions every fortnight. Providing a safe and welcoming space for the students to grow in confidence, explore new life skills and bring any concerns they may have. Our mentoring and support programs allow the students to develop character, cope with the challenges of adolescence, and strive for a brighter future.

Our Services


P7 In School Club

P7 in-school club provides a supportive learning environment where students can acquire essential life skills and make a seamless transition to secondary school with the support of our Youth Team


P7 Mentoring Support

For Primary 7 students, the youth team offers mentoring support to aid in their preparation for the transition to secondary school. This support helps students build their skills and confidence

What session stood out the most: "Transitioning into the Nicolson"
How did it stand out: "It stood out because it can be a scary thing, but now I'm excited"
Shaina Neuman - Youth and Schools Worker

Shaina Neuman

Youth and Schools Worker

"The work that we do with the P7’s through fortnightly sessions and mentoring is so important to help the pupils grow in self-confidence and develop life skills. With carefully curated sessions that focus on Bullying, Peer Pressure, Health and Wellbeing and many other topics, we are ensuring that the P7’s have the necessary skills to handle the transition from Primary to Secondary, but also beyond their school careers. I look forward to continuing to work with each year's new P7's and the continuation of developing the work that we do with the schools and pupils in the local community." 

Sophie Graham

Sophie Graham

Youth and Schools Worker

One part of my role that I really enjoy is working with Primary 7 students each week. We visit local schools to deliver in-class sessions, created alongside teachers to provide transition material as the P7 students prepare to move from primary to secondary school. Each term, we deliver sessions on important topics such as Peer Pressure, Bullying, Social Media Safety and many more! I love to see the growth of confidence in each pupil through the year and see friendships created and equipping of many skills that they will carry with them as they progress into their Secondary years.

P7 In-School Cub

"Empowering Primary Students: Life Skills and Self-Management Sessions for a Smooth Transition to Secondary School

Empowering Leadership

Peer Pressure:

Positive and Negative, Social Media

Bullying and Mental Well-Being

Physical Health

Respect and the Golden Rule

Growing and Developing Friendships

Transition into the Nicolson

P7 In-School Club

P7 in-school club is a program designed to help P7 students learn essential life skills and prepare their transition to secondary school. The youth team conducts sessions that provide valuable insights into secondary school life and help students navigate the challenges they may face. Through this program, P7 students can gain confidence and develop the skills they need to succeed in their academic and personal lives.

P7 Mentoring Support
P7 mentoring support

P7 Mentoring Support

At The Shed, we understand the concerns and worries that come with the challenges of primary school life. Our mentoring support is dedicated to helping P7 students with a smooth transition from primary to secondary school, as well as assisting with concerns and worries of outside of school. The Youth Team works with the students, teachers and parents to provide a safe space for the students to share their worries, cares and concerns.

We are excited to continuing partnering with Stornoway Primary and Laxdale Primary Schools. We're committed to providing the primary students with the best possible experience, and we're to work together to make a impact on our community's young people.

Laxdale Primary School
Stornoway Primary School
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